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Resolve’s soft strip refurbishment packages are tailor made to the client’s requirements and can include the following but are not limited to:

  1. Asbestos Removal

  2. Disconnection and removal of utilities (gas, electricity, water and telecommunications (BT/Virgin).

  3. Full M & E Strip Outs

  4. Removal of suspended ceilings and floor coverings

  5. Removal of complete floors and staircase

  6. Removal of Non-loadbearing walls and partitioning

  7. Removal of structural elements including temporary works designs and implementation

  8. Removal of external facades and windows

  9. Removal of roofs and there frameworks

All Soft Strip Refurbishments require careful planning. We will always provide a full intrusive method statements and risk assessments for every awarded project aswell as working with the client to produce construction phase plans, environmental control measures and site waste management plans.

These are specific for each project so as to ensure safety on site but also protective measures are put in place to reduce our impact on the public and the environment.

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