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health & SAFETY


Resolve employees’ health is paramount to us and this is reflected throughout our methodology and internal company procedures.

Employees engaged in tasks which involves them handling, working with or coming into contact with hazardous materials or processes, such as asbestos, lead or hand arm vibration syndrome, undergo specific health surveillance as per current legislation and best practice.

All of our staff have health surveillance and medical examinations every two years to monitor asbestos exposure and are examined if they are fit for work on a regular basis by a HSE approved occupation health physician.

Please contact us for full details of our Occupational Health procedures.

Demolition has always been recognised as a hazardous occupation, it is our aim at Resolve to ensure that the associated risks are kept to an absolute minimum.

With each site being visited at least once per week by a member of our internal or external Health and Safety Department and all site supervisors and contracts managers trained annually and through training Needs Analysis, safety on Resolve  sites is demonstrably of the highest importance.

The management systems we employ seek to adopt the best practice as detailed in HSG65 “Successful Health and Safety Management”.

Resolve always ensures compliance with the most current iteration of CDM Regulations